Tears of a Warrior
October 2003 - Sherry Shriner


   I'm a Warrior, and I've given my life to the Master's call. I was called to the front lines, I stay on the front lines, and I fight on the front lines daily whether I am alone or surrounded by others in His army. We are never about ourselves but completely focused on Him who commands our steps and our battles. Many Warriors will join the front lines, but the battles are tough and long, and many miss a life of ease and leave.

   The life of a Warrior is not glitz and glory. For many times we don't see the victory of the battle we're fighting. We only know through faith the victory is ours and to battle ahead without being able to see, hear or think outside of His command.

   As the battles get tough and the front lines get thin. Many a day I stand alone, a Warrior in His army.  And I'm tired. And I'm lonely. And there is no one with an encouraging word to hear from.

   For although many warriors join in His battles, many more stay at His feet just worshipping in, and basking in His presence. We envy this. I wish it were me. I wish I could just sit at His feet and bask in His glory. To receive from Him strength, revelation and to proclaim His name in worship and praise without a battle on all sides. Yet, I was called to the battlefield. I am here Lord. I've called out to you but sometimes the war is so loud I can't hear you. The beat of warfare can be deafening..and although I can't hear you I will stand for you knowing you are there.

   I have sacrificed everything I am or could have been on earth for you Father. To fight in your army and be not what I wanted, but what you wanted. To fulfill my heavenly calling in You. And this warrior is tired and envious of the ease so many others have, for their positions and callings are not the same, yet I feel so alone..there is none other beside me where I am right now, but there are other warriors scattered across the field, and those who are in ease don't think about us other than in prayers just to sound good, they're hearts are not with us. We feel abandoned yet we'll fight knowing that we must fight today, to see the victories of tomorrow.

   We would so love to hear from home. Is there anyone that would leave your feet for five minutes just to pray with us and help strengthen us.

   There's tears in your army Father. Strengthen us and keep us moving so we don't have to feel the pain.